Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where I've been, What I've been up to, and why haven't I spoken in AGES?

answering these in order would be logical at first, but sadly, Practice and Theory are seldom the same think, and rarely alike..

It all, for me, boils down to Life, The Universe, and the Nine Bloody Hells dragging me in every which direction across the 11 Dimensions defined by String Theory.. *ahem*.. Right.. Moving On..

If I were too sum up the values of the parts, in verbatim, the events that have transpired in the past months could fill several volumes of Non-Fiction books..
So I'll simply give you all the Cliff's Notes variant:

 - I Posted on Oct. 13th, 2012
 - My mom got sick...
 - Then her cat, 4 times..
 - I got sick, spent 2 months away from server..
 - Server crashed.. AGAIN >.<
 - Halloween Sucked
 - CriKwaYulMis-<insert local winter holiday here>-thing came and went
 - Started seriously putting time into recording my LP from Linux
 - New Years sucked
 - Got up motivation to get back into server-ey stuffs!
 - Was shot down for a date.. on VALENTINES DAY >.<
 - House flooded...

So here we are.. picking up on the Flood.. well.. it was nearly a complete Life-Changing Disaster.. including figuring out my server machine has a Bloody fucking HUMIDITY Sensor in it! Seriously.. WTF? Ah well, it's all good. Server is working well and I've refactored the Permissions too be easier to handle and fully implemented one eccentricnz's TARDIS Plugin on the server.. It's FUUUN Come Check it Out!

And lastly, a little shameless self-plug for my YouTube Channel.. Me on the YouTubes!

Hope You All have a good time till the next post!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Heck Yea!

New Computer! New Fun! New Let's Plays!

  It's Gartral coming back, stronger than ever with a new System! I've started testing out what I can feasibly call a proper Let's Play of Minecraft and plan on doing other games as well!

  I play/Record/Edit all my Games and Footage on Linux, Specifically Ubuntu Studio as it come pre-stuffed with everything needed minus a few small adjustments, I plan on pouring my Heart and Soul into this as I've arrived 2 years late on the Scene, but I'm not going to let that stop me!

  Check Out my YouTube Channel for further details and a preliminary Video!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wow, Damn, It's been too long

  A longer update today, I've unfortunately been slacking hard in the Blogging department and I apologize. So without further Ado, allow me too bring my small reader-base up to speed on the happenings here. Firstly, my Server has become QUITE popular, so much so that I've been persuaded to set up a proper Forum for it. been a hassle too maintain the server throughout the 1.0.0 release ("fun" is not a word i would use for that.. chaos).

  PhpBB was dead-simple too set up, especially seeing as I already had mySQL setup for Logblock. all this support software for a game server does feel a little silly, until you seriously weigh-in the devastation Griefers can do to your builds. too stop Griefers you basically have 3 choices, 2 of which require logblock;

1) whitelist your server, This is near full-on protection. But very annoying for the Admins, as they have too approve each player.

2) grey-list your server, that is, let anyone join, but have your permissions system setup so they have too go through a lot of trouble too actually get too a point where they can grief. This is not full protection, and still requires logblock because there are some very, VERY VEEERRRRY stubborn Griefers. Also again, an Admin ussually has too be around too set up that players permissions.

3) And finally, certainly the most annoying for Admins, full-on reliance on Logblock. This offers high deterrence but has no further *preventive* measures. Griefers come, rip out your builds, blast your landscape too Bedrock, and pour lava over your wooden village, and you see it, then sigh as you tediously run /lb rollback player Griefer area 100 since <time just before the grief> then /lb rollback player tnt area 300 since <time just before first blast> and /lb rollback player fire area 300 sinc.. well, i'm sure you get the idea.

 Another effective Griefer preventive is a region creation/guard there are a few, each tailored too specific needs. the two I've seen and used are WorldGuard, and Towny, both have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. We'll start with WorldGuard

  It's simple, straight forward and still manages too be quite powerful It can stop a lot of things world-wide like endermen griefing, lava-fire spreading, fire spreading. creepers causing damage too terrain/players, and many other things, additionally, you can define custom regions that over-ride the world-wide values (I make heavy usage of this on my server).

  Towny, I haven't really played around with, it's more wide-spread pvp-oriented and I never really quite understood it, it has it's own economy system, called Crits, It has a "multi layered" regions system wich starts with town blocks, which makes up a town, then multiple towns can band together and form a nation. then you have outposts, which.. yea..

0.0 HOLEY SHIT. Did I really really just ramble on like that? WOW. well have a good night blogger, i'm sick with the 3rd worst stomach flu of my life and want too lay down.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Well Now...

Well well well... Houston, We have a problem.

 Yesterday my power went out, frying my decent server. I've brought it back up on a lesser box and i'm running it that way.. BUT it looks like something is wrong in my networking config and I appear too be unable too play on it and have others too.. it seems too be closing the port if I'm on it from my home connection.. this is quite frustrating.

  In other news I also suffered a HDD crash in my comp while visiting family, which explains the long delay between posts, I apologize. Had a great Thanksgiving though!

  Hope everyone who reads this (anyone? *listens too the crickets...*) had a good time while I was gone.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm BACK...

...With a vengeance against Skelys.

Today (actually Yesterday) I built a decent mob trap that only requires 2 water sources and a lot of cobble.

ok, first thing in this design, make the spawn room 7x3x4 (length, width, hight) making sure too leave two alcoves for your water.

 Then by your door 1 block over cut out a 3 block deep are by the wall. Cut an opening where you want your collection area too be and your done.

 This seems too work fairly efficiently on SMP as shown, however it will need heavy adeptation for spiders (just get in there and kill them you lazy bums!).

I hope you enjoy this design, it's simple and elegant. there's only one small choke point behind the spawner where a mob might get stuck, but they don't stay back there very long!
This is a failed attempt too build one from scratch

And this is a working one that has a Skeleton Spawner.. found naturally

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Well. Since I've blogged about the CRAP that I have, I guess I'll talk a bit about what little GOOD hardware I do have. When I'm home, and at my desk, I play using a rather limited computer, but that doesn't stop me from using some awesome hardware for control!

  I personally LOVE my Razer products.. Namely my Lycosa, and Lachesis.
   The Lycosa Is a near-top-of-the-line gamer keyboard, with a slew of features and capabilities. And the Lachesis is a top of the line super mouse, with a beautiful contour, 100-4000 DPI variable resolution 9 buttons (Including Scroll Wheel) and a hair-trigger response for the main buttons. I love them. (though recently My Lachesis has gone missing. And I'm dealing with n 800 DPI Logitech mouse.. it's not bad, but certainly NOT my Lachesis! :( ) For the sake of Advertising what I love, there's an aStore link with both in my blogs!

As A side Note!

About My Bukkit Server, I forgot too mention that I'm running nightly-updated maps with tectonicus these maps include all the main worlds, Including private worlds.. (I might change that soon... ) these maps are available Here.

Cole2sworld! It's EPIC!

 I found an AWESOME community at Cole2's World! they have an awesome set of servers, Last I looked it was 12+ separate servers of pure fun.

  They have a YouTube!

A few things I'd like too say..
1) Such a wonderful, friendly community at cole2'sworld!
2) *SOME* servers are whitelist only.
3) They have a Mumble Server!
4) I'm a Builder on there! 

Thoughts and rants.

Well Now.. Optifine is setup, I'm back, and I'm also playing around with bukkit.. 1.8.1 is working well.. 1.9 seems promising.. but let's break this all down in a more sane manner..


  After getting Optifine up and running, I've come too the conclusion my little laptop just isn't good for minecrafting.. But I knew that! with optifine,, everything lowest/tiny render distance I get about 2 FPS.. Bleh... the Multithred Optifine give 24.. but the game crashes after about 2 minutes... Bleh0Bleh..


  The 1.9pr3 runs FINE without any mods.. I get around 20 fps.. Notch, wtf did you do?! I like the idea of Potions, but PLEASE fix the Enchantine table for SMP/CMP before release!


  As stated, I'm playing with Bukkit! My server is small.. but prettymuch ready for players! (Anyone actually read this blog??) The link is no port, everything runs fine. very little lag, even when full. There's a few hiccups with one ofd the worlds, but I'm working that out as I go. Plugins in use are Logblock, Multiverse2 Worldedit, Lockette and all the support plugins for these.

 MysticKitsune, AKA Gartral OUT!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

1.8 a bust!

Well everyone, I realize I haven't updated in a while, and I apologize for this, had too take a short hiatus too help help family, then when I came back, 1.8 was out, and I can't do much at all in it. everything is terribly laggy, I can't login too any servers, and singleplayer is an absolute no-go at 1-4 FPS.. so I'm waiting on one of a few things: Money for a new computer, Optifine too update, or someone too donate a better computer than what i've been playing on.. a little about my current system: It's Pathetic. An over-sized netbook, Atom n455 cpu at 1.67 ghz.. and no real gpu... also, 2 GB of ram.. I really need a new computer in general.. if people show interest in donating money/hardware, I'll happily set up the proper channels too do so.. also, PLEASE click the ads... they can generate money for me >.>